Winter Sierra Gear List ~ 2014

For 2014 I updated my winter gear to include a few new items while still staying lightweight, safe, comfortable and well fed.

To stay warmer at night and even as part of my sleep system I added a puffy jacket that has a lot more down insulation. The Montbell Mirage puffy jacket has 5.3 ozs of 900 f/p down, which means over 40% of the total weight is in down! It allowed me to stay out after sunset and take night photos while still warm and cozy in the 10 to 20 degree temps.

The Monatack Gnat canister stove I used last year finally broke due to a defect that I later found is somewhat common. The brass piece that threads onto the canister has a tendency to detach from the lightweight aluminum fitting on the stove. I was able to fix it with superglue during a trip when I needed it to melt snow for water but it has since been relegated to the gear closet. I replaced it with my old MSR Whisperlite stove. It is one of the most reliable canister stoves available so it is now my go-to winter stove.

After years of checking out other peoples gear lists for new ideas it is time to give back. Feel free to email me with any comments. . .