SHR 2012 ~ Day 4: Horseshoe Lake to Marion Lake

Tehipite Dome from Windy Ridge.

On day 4 we got an early start and began contouring north toward Windy Ridge. It was easier than I expected to route find through the sparse forest. I was mostly eager to climb the granite passes and ridges, but the early walk through the forest was peaceful and reminded me of the many fall trips I enjoyed as a kid in the San Gorgonio Wilderness. 

SHR 2012 ~ Day 2: Bubbs Creek to Granite Pass

Kings Canyon.

Day 3 started out easy enough. Just a cruise down Bubbs Creek to Roads End. No problem. But by the time we got to the Copper Creek Trailhead it was 12:00 noon. . and hot. 90+ degrees at the start of this mostly exposed hike 5,000 feet up unrelenting switchbacks. I had been in the Sierras every other weekend all summer, climbing Class III passes and getting lots of trail miles in to stay in shape. Although it had been two weeks since my last trip I thought it would be reasonably doable, and it was a challenge but not all that bad.

SHR 2012 ~ Day 1: Onion Valley to Bubbs Creek/Spinx Creek Junction

The start of our journey at the Onion Valley trailhead.
Day 1 started with some logistics. After leaving our cars at the South Lake trailhead near Bishop we took a shuttle to Onion Valley. Although it was convenient to start and end this section of the SHR from the east side of the Sierra it meant that our first day would be spent hiking toward the official start of the route at the Copper Creek trailhead at Roads End. By the time we made it to Onion Valley it was already 10:30 am.

SHR 2012 ~ Day 3: Granite Pass to Horseshoe Lakes

Grouse Lake
Day 3 was the beginning of the cross country section of the SHR. After hiking a short time to the top of Granite Pass we left the trail and contoured northeast to Grouse Lake. The water in this pristine alpine lake was beautiful.