SHR 2012 ~ Day 1: Onion Valley to Bubbs Creek/Spinx Creek Junction

The start of our journey at the Onion Valley trailhead.
Day 1 started with some logistics. After leaving our cars at the South Lake trailhead near Bishop we took a shuttle to Onion Valley. Although it was convenient to start and end this section of the SHR from the east side of the Sierra it meant that our first day would be spent hiking toward the official start of the route at the Copper Creek trailhead at Roads End. By the time we made it to Onion Valley it was already 10:30 am.

I had originally planned to travel solo but some of the cross country passes seemed a little sketchy and it made sense to hike with a buddy. I met Dan on backpacking after reading about his plan to hike the same section at the same time. We had never met in person, but Dan seemed cool and of course we shared a passion for the high route. Dan had been spending all winter studying Ropers book and Andrew Skurkas maps just like me.

Dan was wearing a black Steelers cap when I first met him. My wife Candy is from Pittsburgh along with some of my family, so I figured he must be alright. We hit it off and had a great time. 

The view facing west from the top of Kearsarge Pass.

We made good time down to Bubbs Creek and ended up camping near the Sphinx Ceek junction with the Bubbs Creek trail. This area is known for having a lot of bear activity. We saw two bears along the trail, but no problems that night.

Vidette Peak.

SHR ~ Day 1. 15.5 miles.

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