SHR 2012 ~ Day 2: Bubbs Creek to Granite Pass

Kings Canyon.

Day 3 started out easy enough. Just a cruise down Bubbs Creek to Roads End. No problem. But by the time we got to the Copper Creek Trailhead it was 12:00 noon. . and hot. 90+ degrees at the start of this mostly exposed hike 5,000 feet up unrelenting switchbacks. I had been in the Sierras every other weekend all summer, climbing Class III passes and getting lots of trail miles in to stay in shape. Although it had been two weeks since my last trip I thought it would be reasonably doable, and it was a challenge but not all that bad.

Dan was clearly in better shape having kept up his 10 mile/day running plan all summer. I must have overdone it trying to keep up with him toward the end because I pulled a muscle in my left leg on the second to last switchback. When it first happened I was concerned that I might have to bale early. Fortunately I was able to use my bear canister to roll it out but it took about three days to get back to normal. . . and the next three days included some fun/challenging passes.

90 degrees at the beginning of the Copper Creek trail.

SHR ~ Day 2. 10.5 miles.

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