SHR 2012 ~ Day 3: Granite Pass to Horseshoe Lakes

Grouse Lake
Day 3 was the beginning of the cross country section of the SHR. After hiking a short time to the top of Granite Pass we left the trail and contoured northeast to Grouse Lake. The water in this pristine alpine lake was beautiful. 

The route to Grouse Lake Pass was clearly visible from the lake. 

Grouse Lake Pass from Grouse Lake
Following granite benches to the pass.

Dan following some of the granite benches toward Grouse Lake Pass.

The view from the top of Grouse Lake Pass was amazing.

Granite Lakes to Goat Crest Pano.

The route from Grouse Lake Pass to Goat Crest Saddle.
We got our first view of the Palisades from the top of Goat Crest Saddle.

The tarn at Goat Crest Saddle.
Cross country from Goat Crest Saddle to Upper Glacier Lake.

The route down to Upper Glacier Lake.

Sandy beach along the east shore of Upper Glacier Lake.

Looking back toward Goat Crest Saddle from Upper Glacier Lake.

The route down to Lower Glacier Lake was easy going.

The route to Lower Glacier Lake.

Lower Glacier Lake.

But the route down to Glacier Valley was more challenging. Roper & Skurka recommend staying to the left.

Looking down at Glacier Valley from Lower Glacier Lake.

Looking back at the route down to Glacier Valley.

At the north end of Glacier Valley we found the trail that leads east up to State Lakes. We crossed the East Fork Dougherty Creek three times along the way and filled up on water just below Upper State Lake. It was already getting late in the afternoon and the shadows were getting long. I found this one spot where the sun was shining through right into the creek. I'm not sure what was creating the golden color (this is the actual un-edited photo). At this altitude I stopped filtering the water, and the water was cold and fresh.

Near the headwaters of the East Fork Dougherty Creek. 

We camped between the two Horseshoe Lakes. 
Alpenglow from camp on Horseshoe Lake. 

SHR ~ Day 3. 10.5 miles.

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