Great Western Divide ~ July 2014

Sunrise on the Kaweah Peaks

Great Western Divide ~ July 2014

Kaweah Basin - Milestone Basin - Thunder Basin

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Thru-Hiking the Trans Catalina Trail

The Trans Catalina Trail.
With a total elevation change of over 32,000 feet and a complete lack of switchbacks the Trans Catalina Trail delivers some challenging terrain. The official trail travels 37.2 miles from one end of the island to other and is made up of a collection of old fire roads and use trails. With excursions to Silver Peak, Ben Weston Beach and Lands End my route covered 62 miles in 4 days.

I decided to start the hike at Twin Harbors. My plan was to take the ferry from San Pedro to Twin Harbors, hike to the official end of the TCT at Starlight Beach then follow the trail all the way to Avalon Harbor and catch a ferry back to Dana Point. 

Summer Sierra Gear List 2014

For this years summer gear in the Sierra I used the lightest and most functional options, except for my sleeping pad. After being uncomfortable using the Therm-a-rest ProLite and other thin inflatable pads I finally decided to use an extra large Therm-a-rest Xlite. It is 2.5 inches thick which provides plenty of padding on hard granite surfaces and the 25 inch width leaves room for my shoulders and elbows. Plus, by only partially inflating it the pad follows the contours of my shoulders and hips which means a seriously luxurious sleep every night!! It weighs about a pound but the extra weight is well worth a good nights sleep. 

Even with the addition of the heavy sleeping pad my base weight was only 7 pounds. Since it would not be possible to resupply in the remote areas I would be exploring this summer, I had to carry everything I would need for the whole trip. With food for 10 days and 1 liter average water carried my pack weighed in at 23 pounds on day one. See below for details: