3 Season San Gorgonio Gear List ~ 2015

For a recent trip on the Forsee Loop trail in the San Gorgonio Mountains I used a comfortable but lightweight gear setup. Since this was only an overnight trip I brought a few luxury items like a full size (extra large) Therm-a-rest X-lite inflatable sleeping pad, warm puffy down anorak style jacket and a full size camera. . . all while still keeping a base weight of 6.5 lbs. So if you are interested in making your trip a little easier next time I hope some of the ideas in this gear list will help. See you on the trail! 

If you are interested in more details about the MYOG gear on the list check out these posts: 


  1. Wow. A FSO weight of 18.63. Dude! You're the man. And is that your MYOG pack in the photo on SB Peak? Nice. But what's the size L NeoAir. Dude! You're slacking. ;)


    1. Thanks Jim! That XL inflatable pad is a brick!!. . . It is the one luxury item that is becoming one of my 'Ten Essentials'.

    2. You called it dude, that is my MYOG pack in the photo of SB Peak. The dyneema on the bottom has literally saved my a$$ during an unplanned slide down a granite wall.