Cuben iPhone Shoulder Pouch

The Cuben Fiber iPhone Shoulder Pouch is essentially a slimmer version of the popular shoulder pouches already offered by some cottage manufacturers. The size is perfect for an iPhone or slim camera (like a Canon Powershot ELPH 300HS). I included an adjustable exterior mesh pocket for smaller items and the whole package is easily  mounted onto a backpack shoulder strap. . . and it's lightweight. At 0.2 ozs is it the lightest iPhone shoulder pouch available?

The pouches are made using 1.43 oz/sqyd cuben fiber from I used one on the JMT last summer and it made it easy to access my camera, stickpick, aquamira and other small items while still being super lightweight.

Cuben Fiber iPhone Shoulder Pouch.

            Cuben Fiber iPhone Shoulder Pouch. 

Slim design.

Wide opening for easy access. Yes I just said that.

White Cuben.

Green Cuben.

Blue Cuben.

0.2 ozs. It might be the lightest iPhone shoulder pouch ever!


  1. Are the iphone shoulder pouches available for purchase? What are the dimensions? Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan, the shoulder pouches aren't available for purchase right now. These were made to fit an iPhone 4S and although I'm not sure of the dimensions they should be around 2.5" wide by 5" tall with a .5" depth. I hope that helps.

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