Lightweight Summer Quilt

This is a simple summer quilt with 1" baffles. After fooling around with a lot of different designs, dimensions and materials this final version of the summer quilt seems to be perfect (or whatever perfect is today).  


Momentum50 Black for the liner and Aegean Blue for the outer/shell. This is the latest and lightest breathable material from
30% overstuffed with 6.3 ozs 900 f/p down from
1" baffles spaced every 5" using 0.34 oz/sqyd cuben from
1/16" shock cord for the adjustable neck from
1/2" plastic D-Rings (
Small metal eyelits (


50" at the neck end tapering to 56" for the 2nd to 9th baffles, then tapering down to 40" at the foot end. The total length is 78". 

The loft seems to have come out over 1 1/2" probably due to the 30% overstuff. I think this should be good down to 40 degrees easily, and probably into the 30's with a silk base layer/puffy jacket/wind shirt/sleep socks etc.

Total weight is 12.48 ozs.

Here are a few photos: 

The 1/16" flexible cord is adjustable at each and in the middle for easy adjustment in the middle of the night. 

With over 3 inches of total loft this should keep me warm and cozy down to 40 degrees and  below. 

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